What If God Wrote Your Story – Omar

I grew up with a father who was very abusive to my mother and unfaithful to her. He left when I was seven years old.  I grew up without him and my mom was always working.

I had a lot of freedom. I hung out with the wrong crowd. I was doing drugs. I smoked marijuana. At age 13, I started drinking alcohol. I was always partying. I almost died from an alcohol overdose. I rode with cliques. I got in fights. I sold drugs and I packed guns. I was into gangster rap music and the lifestyle it brought.

My best friend, Gary, died from a drug overdose. My friend, Marty, is serving a ten year prison sentence.  I am in a ten year probation sentence for shooting at guys coming to my house.  At 17 years old, I had a daughter and she was the star in the sky for me and I started walking toward Bethlehem, but I couldn’t stop smoking weed. I couldn’t stop drinking and I couldn’t leave my lifestyle.

My brother invited me to a retreat last year.  There, I surrendered my life to the Lord. His love and grace, through the power of the cross, changed me and I was born again.

Now, I am a new creation and a witness that Christ did this.  I don’t want to smoke anymore. I don’t want to listen to the same rappers I used to listen to. I make rap for the Lord now and I changed my entire life.  Most importantly, I am a committed father and husband to my family – something I could only be with Christ in me.

I found Fortress Church through the radio ministry. I got baptized here at Fortress Church on November 5th. And it is official, I am a bondservant of Jesus Christ!

What if God wrote your story? How different would it look than what it is now? I think those blessings may not money, but the relationships you gain with family is what counts. It is worth it. Receive what God has for you. It is the best!

Omar Rodriguez

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