War Room Warriors

I didn’t grow up knowing the Lord. So, when I came to Christ, I learned that there was a different kind of life. And when I came to Fortress, I wanted to come on Fridays and pray. I made a commitment that when my son graduates from high school, I will begin going to Friday Prayer. When Elijah graduated, the Lord reminded me of my promise. So, here I am. It’s like my car automatically comes to Fortress on Friday nights.  Friday prayer is part of me, now.  When I spend time in the Fortress War Room, I talk to the Lord.  That is when I begin feeling His presence and the Holy Spirit comes down and takes over. When I hear Pastor Randy preaching, I pray in agreement. I enjoy spending time in the War Room because when I am in there, the power of the Holy Spirit comes down.
– Magda

  I was born to be an intercessor.  The journey I’ve taken in my life have led me to be a Mercy Warrior. I watch the news and I see people around me living with so much hurt and I feel their pain. I see many hurting people in many walks of life, from one extreme to another. It is overwhelming to see the need and I know that God is bigger than all their needs. If we could only open our minds and hearts to see the hurting people around us, we would have more warriors.  It is in you. You were born to pray.  
– Monica

God has called me to be an intercessor. At first, God called me to be a Warfare Warrior. But now, God has taken me to the place of being a Worship Warrior, where I experience breakthroughs as I worship. I am reminded of the Israelites walking around the city of Jericho. As they worshipped, the walls came down. This is where God has me right now. 
– Hortense

I have never called myself an intercessor. But for years, I have been praying. I pray for people’s problems, I pray for souls and I pray for nations. I pray as the Lord leads. 

Being a pastor’s wife puts me right in the path of knowing many personal needs. I can’t help but know in my spirit that the only obvious answer to all of those needs is prayer. The needs seem to be so great sometimes, but we have a great God. There is nothing He cannot do.  I grew up with the idea that an intercessor is only someone who is very bold and warrior-like and loud. Most of the time, I tend to pray more quietly and solemnly.  I’ve come to realize that the volume of my prayer is not an important as the attitude of my prayer and the amount of faith I have in our God. Everyone is called to be an intercessor in some way or another. If you have ever prayed for someone, you are an intercessor already.  I am more of a worship Intercessor. A lot of my breakthroughs have come during times of worship. That is when I feel closest to God. Many times, a song I’ve heard becomes my prayer to the Lord. I meditate on the lyrics and my spirit is lifted.  When I lift my hands in worship, I feel burdens coming off and I experience such a great peace.
– Brenda

In the Fortress War Room, I have experienced an intimate relationship with God. I start confessing my sins and thank God for the blood of Jesus that makes me right with Him and enter His presence. I pray for our worship team. I pray and believe that the Holy Spirit is touching hearts. I pray for Pastor Randy, that God’s Word would come through him. The last time I was in the War Room, I envisioned Pastor Randy on fire for God.  I pray for prayer requests. I make war against sickness and against divided relationships. I pray for people who have walked away from God. I feel sorrow at some of the requests, but have a greater joy for what God is doing in their lives. 

I had a prayer request. My wife and I were always disagreeing with each other and it often led to arguments. But now it is a praise report . . . now we agree toward our common goal. We are united.  I pray for our country. I pray for our kids. Time flies in the War Room. I wonder who else has a praise report.
– Omar

Years ago, I was saved but I didn’t know exactly what salvation was about or all that God had for me.  I found myself going through the motions. It was then that I received the gift of the tongues and I knew the Lord had something more for me. So when I moved to San Antonio and met my new church family (Fortress), I started attending Intercessory Prayer and I still felt out of place. I still didn’t see myself as an intercessor. So, I stopped attending the prayer service. And then, the Holy Spirit tugged at my heart to go back to attend Friday Night prayer again.  It wasn’t long after that, that my husband left us. And I believe that through that experience that I rose up and God started showing me that Intercessory Prayer is where He wanted me. First, I needed to be healed. And then, I was able to begin warring for families who were going through the same thing I did.   I believe that God puts us through things for a reason. And so, I began to be strengthened and healed. And today, I have such peace. And I know that God is not finished with me yet.   He had called me to intercede. When I see a situation or an issue, I can’t just sit back and do nothing. I am called to stand in the gap and pray for people who are going through difficult times. Sometimes, I know that I am the only one praying for certain people.

And when I am in the War Room, I feel so proud – in a positive way – to pray in the War Room.  I tell Him, “Lord, You are calling me to be in here and stand in the gap for others and intercede for them. Wow! People place their prayer needs on the bulletin board and are depending on me to pray for them.  So, that is exciting to me.  A couple of weeks ago, I was in the War Room during worship. I shut the lights off and worshiped the Lord.  Worship is our warfare and it confuses the enemy.  So, when you are going through a trial, worship the Lord. It will confuse the enemy. Even if we fall, we dust ourselves off, get up and keep going. I know God is not done with me. For now, He has given me a sound mind and a genuine peace.
– Christina

When it comes to prayer, I am called to be a first responder. A crisis warrior. As a First Responder, I am called to run to the rescue when there is a crisis or something devastating that has happened.  I see things on TV that get me down. A righteous anger comes over me, so I begin to do Spiritual Warfare.   Since I was saved, I’ve always known that Intercession is what I was called to do. As far as the War Room, it was best thing we have done at Fortress Church.
– Sylvia

I am a soul winning Warrior. There is such a powerful anointing in the War Room. – Nancy

I am an intercessor because I feel a calling to pray for our pastors and leaders and for the church. – Veronica

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