The God Who Heals – Pastor Dennis

In August 2013, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The doctor said that they would remove the tumor and run some tests. Afterward, he said there was no problem. They removed the tumor and the pathology report came back that they got all the cancer and no further treatment was needed. I was told to come back in three months and they would look again.

In December of 2013, I went back to the doctor.  There was another tumor, but no problem. They would remove it as well. Afterward, the pathology report came back that there was a more aggressive type of a cancer and further treatments were needed.

I remember the first time I went in for treatments, the nurse called me one of her cancer patients. I thought about saying that “I do not receive that. I am not a cancer patient. I am a child of God and He is the God that heals. Psalm 103 says that He heals all my diseases.” But then I thought, I will save that line for my testimony. So I kept quiet and followed the nurse into the treatment room, blessed the medicine and thanked God for my healing throughout the treatment.

After the 12 weeks of treatments, the doctor looked again and the cancer was still there. In July 2014, the doctors recommended surgery to remove the bladder. They recommended a surgeon and I made me an appointment.

I was devastated. I remember thinking, “Wow, just a year ago this was not going to be a problem and now it is a huge problem.”  That was on a Wednesday morning. That night, I asked the church for prayer. The Holy Spirit moved in an awesome way. Let’s just say we had one of those Holy Ghost Church Services that night and I felt much better after that.

I really did not want to have that surgery. I thought, “God, I do not understand why You would want me to have this surgery. If that is what You want I accept it, but I will continue to believe that You will turn this around.”

Many believers at the church were telling me they believed God that I was not going to need that surgery. I really did not know what to say because as far as the doctors and I were concerned the surgery was the plan, but I agreed with them anyway.

I told God I did not know what He was going to do with all these believers saying that I will not need the surgery because there is no other plan. Unless this surgeon sees something that the others have not seen or think of something they have not thought of, we are scheduling the surgery. So I just left it in God’s hands and asked Him to intervene.

I went through 12 weeks of treatments and they looked again and no cancer. It has been a year since the doctors recommended removing the bladder and we are still praising God there is no cancer. So I am here to tell you that we are Children of God and He is the God that heals all our diseases!

Thank you Jesus, for your body that was broken and your blood that was shed, for our healing. Thank you Fortress Church for your thoughts and prayers for us.

Pastor Dennis Bonnet

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