Testimony – Chi Alpha Breakaway 2017

We met a student at Northwest Vista College last year – she had been faithful to small group, but not very open or vulnerable with her Small Group Leader or friends in small group. There were a lot of walls built up in her heart and mind, so she didn’t allow people to know the hard things she’d gone through or the choices she was making.

This weekend at Breakaway the walls she built up inside began to fall, and she began to be more open with her Small Group Leader about past hurts and sinful choices she’d made, specifically that her father abused her when she was young and how that had affected the way she looked at and walked out romantic relationships. Her Small Group Leader was able to help her process through some of that hurt and those choices she had made, and to pray for her.

During our Breakout Sessions on Saturday morning, the student chose to go to sessions on “The Bitterness Cycle” and “Passion and Purity: Dating & Relationships”. After being a part of these two sessions, she chose to lay down her hurt and bitterness and to repent of her sins, and God lifted her hurts from her and the guilt of her choices. She was made new!

She wasn’t planning on being baptized, but the Holy Spirit reminded her that she had been made new from her sins and made right before God – and that she SHOULD be baptized to recommit her life to God. She obeyed and was baptized!

We are thrilled to celebrate all that God has done in her life this weekend, but we’re even more excited to see what He does through her as she lives out this new commitment to Jesus.

This story is one of MANY – so many students surrendered their lives to Jesus this weekend and were made right before Him. 98 students were baptized. 800+ students heard the Gospel. It was incredible!

Annie Day, UTSA Chi Alpha

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