Pursued By God – Jesika Redinger

I was raised in a Christian family and church. I learned all about God and knew what it meant to be “good,” however I never knew God as intimately as He desired me to. 

Before graduating high school, I gave up on God. I moved out of my parents’ house and in with my boyfriend. After graduation, I started experimenting with drugs and the party scene. We decided to move to San Antonio to be more independent and free. Back then, I thought I was running away from my parents, but I was really trying to run away from God.

In San Antonio, we were “living the life” and I had soon mastered the art of drowning out God’s voice to a point where I no longer heard Him. After attaining everything that I thought would make me happy (good car, good boyfriend, good home, and good job), I still was not happy.

When I was on my face weeping, wondering where I went wrong, God met me there and broke through my hard heart and reminded me what I had been taught all those years. That He was the only one who could fill the void that I was trying to stuff with everything else. The Lord started pursuing me with a voice so strong, I could no longer ignore it. I started coming to Fortress Church in May, 2013.

By May 2014, God completely threw away my old self. 
I have given up my old way of living.

Every time I think about this part of my story, I get so awestruck that The Creator of the Universe not only forgave my sins, but pursued me, surrounded me with Christian fellowship, AND put a spiritual leader in my life to disciple me . . .  all for a horrible sinner.  In September 2013, I met a woman named Caroline, in a class in college. She started getting me involved in Chi Alpha, a Christian fellowship at UTSA.

By May 2014, God completely threw away my old self. I have given up my old way of living. I was in the Word and in prayer, teaching others about Jesus. My relationship with my family had been restored and I now visit every couple of months and talk to my sister every day. I was baptized AND I was out of that sinful relationship, living with a group of GODLY women in Chi Alpha!

Every day, I thank The Lord for the grace He bestowed on me. I can tell you that God was pursuing me! He came after me! He sent Caroline into my life and I know He can do the same for your son or daughter, your brother or sister, your parents, and your friends!

For those 7 years, my family never stopped praying and fasting for me. I know because they’ve told me they were on their knees crying out to The Lord, begging for me to come back to Him.  God answers prayer.
Jesika Redinger

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