What are your next steps?

Accept Jesus

Accepting the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ is the best thing that could ever happen to you! If you have made that decision to make Jesus your Savior, fill out the Communication Card and let us know so we can help you in your spiritual journey.

Get Baptized

After your salvation, the Bible commands us to be baptized in water – like Jesus Himself did – as a public declaration of your decision to turn away from sin and follow Him! We want to celebrate this milestone with you.

Give Generously

Giving of your finances sincerely, sacrificially and generously is a virtue that comes from a follower of Jesus growing in their faith. Giving is an act of worship that helps the church advance the Kingdom of God.

Live Disciplined

Discipleship is an every decision to follow Jesus, and not just a one-time emotional choice. Reading the Bible, praying, connecting, serving, giving, loving, and growing should be consistent in the transformed life of a Christian with the help of the Holy Spirit.


Evangelism is done with the power of the Holy Spirit working within a regenerate heart. Our response to the Gospel should not be just a personal decision, but to share the good news with others so they can experience the saving work of Jesus just as you have.