I Battle Back – George

I wasn’t raised a Christian I never knew much about Jesus or church.  I came to this country and was introduced into drugs and alcohol and quickly began a life of criminal activity and a life of hurting those around me emotionally and hurting strangers physically.

I came home from a weekend of collecting drug money and violence when my second wife (at age 17) began to cry and beg me to stop the illegal life, I felt a wind rush over me and I was thirsty my wife gave me water but it didn’t quench my thirst.  Suddenly a voice told me to find a Bible. My wife had one in her drawer. I began reading all night and my thirst began to be satisfied.  I didn’t know what to do, so I simply cried out to God to change me.

A few months later I found myself at a Billy Graham crusade where I dedicated my life to God.  I played a fake Christian for many years before submitting to the full authority of JESUS and have never looked back.  The road has had many trial and tribulations and as the years went by the attacks seemed to get worse, BUT I battled back by serving harder and today we are Blessed!!!

George Carey

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