I Am The Result Of Prayer – Dan

I can remember it like it was yesterday, November 25, 1982.  I was attending a service in a small Assembly of God church in Charleston, S.C.   I was there because my girlfriend was a Christian and I was in love with her and would do anything to be around her.  Little did I know her secret mission in life was to bring someone to Christ for the first time and I was that person on that night.  While I was focused on being with my girlfriend, God’s agenda was to be in my life.  I heard the message and my focus turned from her to HIM.  I gave my life to Christ that night and have been a Christian since then.

Has it been easy to be a Christian for all of those years? No. But I know that when you have people praying for you, you cannot escape God’s grip on our life.  Oh, you may not come around right away and some in cases you may wander the promise land for many years before you are saved.  For me, I wandered away here and there ever since that faithful night, but one thing was constant in my life I had people praying for me the whole time.

The first person who prayed for me was my maternal grandmother, Micaela.  I can remember when I was a young toddler all of the way to a teenage boy, my Grandmother took me to Church of God services every Sunday.  You know, those services that start at 8 am and don’t end until 8 pm.  I lived in that church on most Sundays.  She constantly mentioned to me that she was praying for me.  At the time, it seemed non-important.  Little did I know that her praying would lead me down a path that God had intended for me all along and I didn’t even know I was doing it.  Because of her praying, my promising Navy career came to sudden end and brought me back home to live.  It was then that I met my wife of 30 plus years at my employment.  Again, it was all prayed for in advance.  When she came into my life she brought her Christian faith in my life.  But more importantly through her family of influence is who brought me back to the Lord.

The second person was my wife’s father, Pedro Sonny Lopez.  His influence and example in life lead me to be the Godly man I am today.  His wisdom and mentoring were very insightful, even though I didn’t acknowledge them at time, which has carried me to this path with Christ.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could spend more time in my father-in-law’s wisdom and knowledge to soak it all up many times over.  The constant love and support of my family, Grandmother, Father-in-law and my wife who prayed for me and supported me to become the spiritual leader of our home.  They have influence me to become a Man of God to teach other men on how to become Men of God.  I truly can say, that my life has been spared many times over to become a servant of Jesus Christ and to be a follower of his Word and Truth.  I can sit here looking back at my life and see everywhere prayer saved my life.

In each of our lives we have choices, good and bad to make in everything we do.  It is up to praying people to ensure you make those right choices to put you in line for His Kingdom.  We can only accomplish those goals by praying ourselves and with others praying too.  I am glad someone was praying for me because I know some of those choices I made were not chance.  So today, I pray for my family and friends.  Because you never know how your prayers will affect someone close to you, when comes to following Jesus Christ.  So, let us pray!

Elder Dan Saldaña

My Purpose Statement:
“My purpose in life is to become the anointed and spiritual leader of my home/family to guide and direct them with my examples of love and obedience to His will. The hope that they will see me in what they want for their own spouses to posse.  To be the a Man of God to other men who I come in contact with through life, church or classroom studies to empower them to become their own spiritual leader for their home and many others they encounter in life. To become the Man of God that He wants me to become through leadership and mentor (ship) of others on the path He has laid out for me.”

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