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Get your copy of Pastor Randy's new book Godfidence.

What is "Godfidence"?

What did David have that gave him the ability to kill a giant?  What did Peter have that gave him the ability to walk on water? What gave Esther the ability to approach the king? They had Godfidence, the God-anointed confidence that takes an individual to their potential.

Based on a 2016 Barna survey, 42% of the people in America are non-committed Christians. What would our nation look like if more people would be committed to their faith in God? Real faith in a real God. No fakes. Just authentic Christ followers.

Godfidence takes us through 100 practical lessons we can use to build real faith in these troubled times. Godfidence makes a world of difference.

Order your copy today.

Order placed before October 15, 2020 will be shipped free of charge.

Sermon Series

Part one - godfident faith to believe in

part two - godfident truth to stand on

part three - godfident purpose to stretch to

part four - godfident prayer to live by

part five - godfident overcoming power to win with

Connect Group Videos

Below, you'll find videos from Pastor Randy about each chapter of the book for Connect Groups to go through together.