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God is doing some new things at Fortress Church in 2018, and I don’t want you to miss out on His favor. As always, doing our part opens the door to receive all that God has for us. The “Filled Up” 2018 Spiritual Emphasis strategy will consist of four specific weeks throughout the year. Each of these four weeks will have a Devotional Guide, Prayer Targets and Fasting Initiative that will get us “Filled Up” and ready for all that God has in store.

-Pastor Randy Garcia

2018 Spiritual Emphasis, "Filled Up"

Week 1

March 26-30


Filled With God's Love

Week 2

June 4-8

Filled Up-Spirit

Filled With God's Spirit

Week 3

August 20-24

Filled Up-favor

Filled With God's Favor

Week 4

October 29-November 2

Filled Up-OvercomingPower

Filled With Overcoming Power


Sunday, November 4th

Victory Sunday


Join us for morning prayer

Monday-Friday / 6:30am-8:30am / Fortress Church

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