Day 5 // The Resurrection

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The Resurrection

Christ's Overcoming Love

“The angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.’”  –Matthew 28:5-6

After converting his faith to Christianity, a man was asked the reason he left the religion of Islam. He said, “Well, it’s like this. I came to a fork in the road. One path led to Islam, where I would be following Mohammad. The other path led to Christianity, where I would be following Jesus. One is dead and the other is alive. I chose to follow the One who lives.

Life Lesson: The same overcoming power that rose Christ from the grave lives in you!

For a moment, would you picture the scene at the tomb? A stone served as a big door to keep anyone from going in. But the angels rolled away the stone and the body of Jesus was no longer there. The miracle of all miracles! Now, the door was open for you and me to experience more miracles. Because of the Resurrection, the door is open to live in  . . .

1) the miracle of hope. No matter how difficult life becomes and no matter how much the enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy, the resurrection always gives us something to look forward to. The pain and challenges we face today will be worth it all. We have hope.

2) the miracle of eternal life. In John 11, Jesus told Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life!” Because He conquered death, hell and the grave, you and I have the opportunity to live eternally. But not just with anyone and anywhere. With the Lord. In heaven. Forever. What a miracle!

3) the miracle of eternal love.  From the time He created you in your mother’s womb, God has always wanted a personal relationship with you. If you ever doubt His love for you, be reminded that He died for you. That is love. Eternal love.

I call this the Greatest Story Ever Told. But here’s the cool part. This story didn’t end at the tomb. The miracles that you and I live in today makes us part of the Greatest Story Ever Told. In fact, this story will continue for eternity. And it is your choice to be part of it.

Question to Meditate on: As you think about the price that Christ paid to prove His love for you, why do so many people in the world today have such a weak commitment to Him?

Prayer Points:

1) Ask the Lord to give you overcoming power to conquer every challenge that you are dealing with today.

2) Given the great extent of Christ’s love for you, tell the Lord how you desire to spend your life loving God and loving people.

Pastor Randy

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