Day 5 // Overcoming Unforgiveness

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Overcoming Unforgiveness

Read Matthew 18:21-35

In the Matthew 18 story, we are told that a man was forgiven of a huge debt (about $800,000.00 in today’s world).  Then, he was unwilling to forgive someone else who owed him what amount to about $200.00.  That is sad. One of the greatest tools in Satan’s toolbox that he uses against us to destroy our relationships is unforgiveness.

TACTIC # 1: The enemy doesn’t want you to be forgiven. We have all sinned. Asking God to forgive you opens the door to an eternal relationship with Him.

TACTIC # 2: The enemy doesn’t want you to forgive. Life is tough.  Sometimes, people talk about you behind your back. Sometimes, people make up lies about you. Sometimes, people disrespect you and do you wrong. Sometimes, you feel like punching someone in the nose – in the name of Jesus. Perhaps you are holding back from forgiving someone in your life. Just remember that forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you have to trust them.

Unforgiveness keeps you stuck in the past.


1) REACT in anger.

2) REHASH the offense over and over again.

3) REPLACE God’s voice with his voice.

4) REFOCUS your eyes on the problem, not on the solution.

5) RESENT people instead of loving them.

6) RETALIATE. Pay them back for what they did to you.  Romans 12:19

7) REGRESS in your spiritual life.

TACTIC # 3: The enemy doesn’t want you to understand the bondage of unforgiveness.  Here’s how I overcome the devil’s bondage. I pray.  Because every time I pray, I defeat the devil. I show up to church. Because every time I show up to church, I am defeating the devil. I tithe.  Because the devil does not want me supporting the kingdom of God. I show up to connect group.  Because the devil does not want me to grow spiritually and mature.  He wants me to be spiritually immature. I share my faith. Because every time I tell somebody about Jesus, it’s like punching the devil in the nose. I make the choices to make me an overcomer!

Pastor Randy

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