Day 4 // Overcoming Offenses

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Overcoming Offenses

“At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other” -Matthew 24:10

Do you believe that we are living the last days? Matthew 24 records the words of Jesus as He prophesied what would be happening before His return. Wars and rumors of wars. False prophets. Famines. Earthquakes. Lawlessness. And in the middle of this list, Jesus says that many people will be offended. People say things about you. Stab you in the back. Disagree with your opinions. Perhaps someone you love betrayed you. Perhaps you confided in someone with a deep secret, only to have them betray your confidence. You have important choices to make  . . .

Choice 1: Do you pick up the offense or not.

And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin (offenses) are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come!” –Luke 17:1

The word “offenses” in Luke 17:1 is the Greek word “Skandalon,” which means snare or trap. Don’t fall into the devil’s trap.

Choice 2: Decide what is more important: Loving people or fighting for your rights?  Read John 10:18.  In today’s world, we see an increasing number of protests. Why? Because people get offended so easily, and they want to fight for their rights. Do we have a “right” to protest?  Yes, we do. But just because we have a “right” to do something doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do.

“There are certain rights we have as New Testament believers, and sometimes we have to say, ‘You know what, I’m going to bypass the right for one reason – because I’m more concerned about serving my brothers than I am about receiving my rights.’ Now when you live like that, God is pleased.”  -John Bevere

Choice 3: When someone offends you, do you get bitter or better?  How did Jesus respond to the person who offended him? Judas. I believe that Jesus had every right in the world to pick up an offense against Judas. He even had the power to zap Judas dead. But He didn’t do that.

“Don’t let what’s been done to you be bigger than what God has done for you.”  -Toby Mac

Declaration:  Lord God Almighty, I realize that the devil is out to steal, kill and destroy me and my family. I ask You to help me identify the devil’s tactics. I refuse to take the bait of Satan. Today, I declare that I will listen to Your voice and do Your will. I recognize that offenses will come my way. I know that people will hurt me. But I refuse to pick up any offense. I refuse to let bitterness to take root in my spiritual life. I will pray for those who do me wrong. I will love those who offend me. Lord Jesus, I want to be more like You. Amen. So be it.

Pastor Randy

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