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“And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— the Spirit of truth.”  -John 14:16, 17a

The students in the first period of chemistry filed in for the final exam. The teacher had told them before hand that they could bring on a sheet of paper as much information as they could to help them with the exam. Some came with sheets with small writing on them, others had diagrams and formulas, and others had outlines that had labels for everything. But one student walked in with a sheet of paper and it had no writing at all. As they got ready for the exam, he placed the sheet of paper on the floor beside his desk. He motioned for someone right outside the door to come in. A graduate student, his mentor, walked over to the sheet of paper and placed his two feet on the paper to help give the freshman all the answers he needed.

The teacher and the other students probably didn’t like this idea. After all, they probably felt like this student had an advantage over the rest of the class.

Likewise, in the middle of the tests that you are facing, God has sent someone to come along side of you to be your personal teacher, your advocate and your counselor.  The Holy Spirit. God wants you to have an advantage  . . .  a spiritual advantage.

“Being filled with the Holy Spirit doesn’t make me better than you; it makes me better than me.”  -Chris Hodges

From the beginning of time, God has always desired a relationship with us. When the world needed a Savior, God sent His only Son. Mission accomplished. Then, because God wanted to continue dwelling with us, He then sent the Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because He desired to dwell with us. God desires to empower you, so that you will have a spiritual advantage over the enemy. All you need to do is have a desire to be filled with God’s power.

It would be foolish to think that filling up your car with gas will last you an entire year. You find yourself at the filling station almost every week. Your spiritual life needs consistent filling as well. One of the primary stories in the book of Acts is that the disciples turned their world upside down  . . . or rather ‘right side up.’  Their human abilities were transformed into supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It didn’t take four years of Bible college.  It didn’t take a week at summer camp.  It happened because they gave the Holy Spirit full control of their lives. And that same power is available to you today.


Q1: In John 14:16, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as our Advocate.  What significance does “Advocate” have for you?

Q2: Acts 1:8 tells us that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on us. What does this mean to you?


1) Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit.

2) Ask the Holy Spirit to be in control of your thoughts, your actions and even your tongue.

Pastor Randy

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