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Blessed With The Ability To Stand Out

But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.  Genesis 6:8 (ESV)

It is my opinion that the favor of God is a game changer in anyone’s life. Not everyone has it. Not everyone values it.

Genesis 6 tells us that there was great wickedness on the earth. Sin was so bad that God found it necessary to destroy the inhabitants of the earth. Except for one man and his family. Noah. Why did God find favor in Noah? Scripture says because he was a righteous and blameless man who walked with God (Gen. 6:9). In the middle of a sinful people, Noah stood out. And God’s favor on Noah was a game changer.

Once Noah realized that he had the favor of God, he was ready to take on big challenges – because he knew God had his back. He spent about 120 years to build a huge boat. I can imagine how much people ridiculed him and laughed at him, but he didn’t mind. Because he knew he had God’s favor. That’s all that mattered.

Life Lesson: When you walk with God on a daily basis, you position yourself to receive the favor of God.

Likewise, you have the opportunity to receive the favor of God. How? One of the primary ways is to live a life of righteousness in the middle of the sinful world around you. Every day, you have choices to make. Pursue righteousness or pursue sin. Yes, there will be those people who don’t understand why you make Godly choices, but that’s OK.

When you choose to walk with God – truly walk with God – on a daily basis, you are positioning yourself to receive the favor of God. And that is the best place you can be.

QUESTION TO THINK ABOUT:  When the Bible says that Noah “walked with God,” what does that mean to you? How can you walk with God today?

PRAYER POINT: Pray that you would have the courage to stand strong with your Godly convictions in a world with declining morals.

ACTION POINT: Purpose to make life choices that honor God.

Pastor Randy

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