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Filled Up-Day1

Made Complete

“Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.” -Ephesians 5:18

Ever seen someone drunk?  Their speech is slurred. Their walk is crooked. Their actions are questionable. They often wake up the next morning wondering, “Did I do that?” or “Did I say that?”  They were under the influence. A person who is under the influence is being controlled by alcohol.

In the Scripture above, Paul tells us to be filled with the Spirit instead of getting drunk on wine. In other words, get under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Once this happens, your spiritual walk changes, your actions change and even an unknown tongue may flow from your mouth.

The Greek word for “filled” in this Scripture is PLEROO, which means “to make full; to complete.”  The principle is clear: being filled with God’s Spirit makes your spiritual life complete.

“The Holy Spirit never enters a man and then lets him live like the world. You can be sure of that.” -A.W. Tozer

At a frozen yogurt establishment I recently visited, I took notice of a few new flavor options: toasted marshmallow, red velvet and sea salt pistachio. Because I wanted to know how each tasted, I grabbed three small spoons nearby and had a little bitty taste of each. A few minutes after deciding that I liked the sea salt pistachio best, I had a cup of it in my hands. It was good. The cup was so much better than that little tasting spoon.

Many Christ followers settle for just a taste of the Holy Spirit, when God has so much for them. God desires to fill you with His Spirit. God wants to make you complete.


Q1: In your opinion, why are so many Christ followers satisfied with just a little of God?

Q2: In what ways can you allow the Holy Spirit to have more of an influence on your life?


1) Ask God to give you a greater hunger for the Holy Spirit.

2) Ask God to speak to you through the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Randy

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