Day 4 // Overcoming Offenses

Do you believe that we are living the last days? Matthew 24 records the words of Jesus as He prophesied what would be happening before His return. Wars and rumors of wars. False prophets. Famines. Earthquakes. Lawlessness. And in the middle of this list, Jesus says that many people will be offended. People say things about you. Stab you in the back. Disagree with your opinions. Perhaps someone you love betrayed you. Perhaps you confided in someone with a deep secret, only to have them betray your confidence. You have important choices to make. Do you pick up the offense or not?

Day 5 // Mary

Even though she prayed about it, Melinda didn’t have much hope. She had just finished an interview for a dream position with a terrific company and great benefits. The reason she didn’t have much hope is because three of the other candidates were graduates of Ivy League Universities with a myriad of qualifications.

Day 4 // Joseph

My friend, just because you are facing some obstacles does not mean that you don’t have the favor of God. The enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy, but God has the final word. Because you have His favor. In Joseph’s case, he ended up being reunited with his family, with blessings from both his earthly father and heavenly father.

Day 1 // Noah

Genesis 6 tells us that there was great wickedness on the earth. Sin was so bad that God found it necessary to destroy the inhabitants of the earth. Except for one man and his family. Noah. Why did God find favor in Noah? Scripture says because he was a righteous and blameless man who walked with God (Gen. 6:9). In the middle of a sinful people, Noah stood out. And God’s favor on Noah was a game changer.