The God Who Heals – Pastor Dennis

In August 2013, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The doctor said that they would remove the tumor and run some tests. Afterward, he said there was no problem. They removed the tumor and the pathology report came back that they got all the cancer and no further treatment was needed. I was told to come back in three months and they would look again.

Is Prayer Awkward For You?

For people new to Christianity, prayer can be weird. Think about it. It’s not like normal communication where you can talk with your dad, or text your friend, or call your grandma. Communication is easy with people, but with God, where do you start. He is an all-knowing, ever-present God, but you can’t see Him. Not with your eyes at least. Maybe you feel like you’re talking to an invisible friend or maybe you feel like you’re praying wrong or you don’t know how to pray. Just know that it’s simpler than it looks.