Blessed Are The Outcasts

I really like the New Living Translation of the Beatitudes, because of the “more appropriate” wording is used. Such as thirsting for justice instead of righteousness.

Markarios is the Greek word used for the English word “blessed”. However, that’s not exactly what markarios means. There’s actually no precise English word for it, but “blessed” is one of the closest ones.

Family Discipleship

As apprentices to Jesus, we have a perfect model for discipleship – Jesus himself. We strive to become like Jesus, be with Jesus, and do what Jesus did. We are also called to multiply and lead others to those same things. However, unlike Jesus, we all fall short. We cannot become perfect models like Jesus is to us. So how do we multiply? How do we make more disciples if we’re not perfect models? Well, that’s a trick question. We’re not supposed make people be disciples of us or make disciples of certain leaders in our lives. Rather, we are disciples of Jesus. So in regards to modeling discipleship, we lead others to grow to be like Jesus – not be like us. Phew! That takes a burden off of me! That’s great news that I don’t have to be perfect! But burden is not the same as responsibility.

Day 3 // Unexpected Expectations

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He told His disciples, “Wait here for the promise.” Something is coming. It’s like telling a child, “Here’s your Christmas gift under the tree, but it’s December 18th, so you’ve got to wait to open it up.”  The child is expecting something, but they don’t know what it is. Likewise, the Holy Spirit comes in a way that we don’t expect.

Is Prayer Awkward For You?

For people new to Christianity, prayer can be weird. Think about it. It’s not like normal communication where you can talk with your dad, or text your friend, or call your grandma. Communication is easy with people, but with God, where do you start. He is an all-knowing, ever-present God, but you can’t see Him. Not with your eyes at least. Maybe you feel like you’re talking to an invisible friend or maybe you feel like you’re praying wrong or you don’t know how to pray. Just know that it’s simpler than it looks.