Day 5 // The Resurrection

After converting his faith to Christianity, a man was asked the reason he left the religion of Islam. He said, “Well, it’s like this. I came to a fork in the road. One path led to Islam, where I would be following Mohammad. The other path led to Christianity, where I would be following Jesus. One is dead and the other is alive. I chose to follow the One who lives.

My Story // Josh

I grew up in a Christian household learning about God, and was going to church every week, but never learned nor desired anything about God. I would try to read, pray, worship, but never found a real relationship with God. During my school years, I would get into trouble a lot, and would hang out with the wrong crowds, which caused a lot of problems. If there was one word that would describe what I was looking for that caused most actions that I had done during that time…it was attention.

My Story // Tony

As a child I was raised in Catholicism and I was taught to know God through a priest. I did not know God’s love growing up even though he was watching out for me. Living in a broken home, I always felt lonely. I had a step father who was kind to me but abusive to my mom.  After my parents divorced, I was left without a father.